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No news in the classical meaning of the word - we don't want and we can't do that. More than enough other places cover that part more than excellent. We'll post news from the Rock & Metal Scene that the  Sarkophag Rocks  Team find relevant, interesting and worth mentioning.


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A quiet week, so just a few links to new interesting video clips:
Hollywood Burnouts – Ghost
Wolfpakk – Dark Revelation
The Answer - Spectacular


Wacken Open Air 2014 – was sold out in record time.

Tanzwut – published the second song named  Wenn Der Himmel Brennt  from their upcoming album  H├Âllenfahrt  (release date 06.09.13). Awesome video – I love the special atmosphere of black-and-white clips.

Therion – presented a clip for  Mon Amour Mon Ami, which brings Miss Marple and Co. to the scene ;-)

Annihilator – their mastermind Jeff Waters will do some guitar clinics in Germany in September. All infos you can find at the band homepage.

Channel Zero┬┤s drummer Phil Baheux died on August, 10th, 2013, aged 45. R.I.P. Phil!


Powerwolf – reached No. 1 in the German charts with their new album  Preachers Of The Night.

Rival Sons - bass player Robin Everhart leaved the band. Statements about that you can read here.

Doro – started the celebration of her 30th stage anniversary in Wacken and announced there at a press conference the crowning highlight of the jubilee celebration: two concerts in her hometown D├╝sseldorf, on May 2nd and 3rd 2014. All infos about this concerts you can find here.

Two great new video clips:
Dark Age - Afterlife
State Of Salazar - Lost My Way With You


For me it was a quiet week...

Wacken Open Air - good and bad news: Mot├Ârhead will rock the Wacken stage after all, but unfortunately Crematory had to cancel their gig. More infos about that you can read here.

Arc Angel – are back again and released a video clip for the song  Harlequins Of Light.

JJ Cale died on July, 26th, 2013, at the age of 74. R.I.P. JJ!


Axel Rudi Pell – introduced Bobby Rondinelli as their new drummer.

Tanzwut – published the single Das Ger├╝cht. Great song and a very awesome video. Because of one character in this clip, it fits somehow real good to Sarkophag Rocks ;-) This song pushes the anticipation for the upcoming album  H├Âllenfahrt  (release date 06.09.13).

Helker - represented a pleasing clip for Flying. The song is taken from their album  Somewhere In The Circle  (released in February).

Eden's Curse - divulged their new line-up in a video at their band homepage.

Steve Vai – announced new tour dates for Europe, and the Garage in Saarbr├╝cken is to find in this schedule, too!


H.E.A.T. - guitarist Dave Dalone leaved the band. Infos about the why and wherefore can be found here.

Axel Rudi Pell – drummer Mike Terrana is no longer a member of the line-up. Read Axel's statement at the band-homepage.

Cancrena – released a new video clip for the song  Serpent Skin

The American singer/songwriter Brett Walker died on July, 8th, 2013, at the age of 51. R.I.P. Brett!


Mot├Ârhead – finally they had to cancel all remainder of tour dates. Once again: get well soon Lemmy!

Jorn – released a video clip for Cancer Demon, one of my favourite songs from their new CD  Traveller.

Seventh Veil – pre-published the song  Slimy Snake  from their upcoming first album  White Trash Attitude  on YouTube. I like it!

Queens Of Metal Open Air – the festival had to be cancelled, due to low ticket sales. It┬┤s not the first cancellation of such a type of music event in 2013. Where┬┤s it all going to?


Mot├Ârhead - have been forced to cancel more gigs. Get well soon Lemmy!

Three new awesome video clips:
Soil  - Shine On
Find Me  - Road To Nowhere
Duskmachine  - Endless


Doro – received the “Metal Hammer Golden Gods Award” in the category “Legend” in London. A very special award - I think, our German Metal-Queen really deserves this award a lot because of her 30 years career!

Black Sabbath – reached No. 1 in the German charts too.

Mot├Ârhead – had to cancel their gig at See-Rock Festival in Austria at short notice. Lemmy got a ÔÇ×No“ for the flight from his doctor because of acute hematomas.

U.D.O. - released an awesome moody video clip for the song  Heavy Rain.


Black Sabbath - rushed the UK charts with their new CD  13  and reached No. 1. The last time they reached this position in the UK charts was almost 43 years ago with  Paranoid .

Circus Maximus - published a very interesting video for the song  Namaste  from their album  Nine  (released 2012). The exceptional point: Circus Maximus released three albums so far but this is the first official video clip of the band ever.

Black Star Riders - showcase a cool black-and-white video clip for  Hey Judas.

Now I┬┤m completely fit again, so I┬┤m back entirely and I have reanimated the NewsFlash!


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