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Ankh-grau-mm   Mentalist  searched for a singer with a special voice and they found you, at YouTube, where you present cover-songs in your account. What an awesome fantastic choice, I love your voice. A band from Germany asked you, to become its man on the microphone – how long does it take until you know: I want to be a mentalist?

Musiknote Hi Marion and thank you so much! Singing is a deep passion of mine and when others also enjoy what I do, then I know this world is connected on an equal deep level ;) To become a  Mentalist was a decision we as a band made pretty quickly, I also went down to Germany to meet the band and we had a great time right off the bat. Everyone is awesome both musically and personally. Great things are happening, and we are just getting started.


Ankh-grau-mm Belief  is a great song, 8:30 minutes pure Metal fire. We hear an emotional duet from two Swedish nightingales. It sounds so brilliant - do you sing for the first time with Daniel Heiman or did you work together in the past? How much do you belief in yourself, are there some grave doubts from time to time, too?

Musiknote Yes, this is my first duet with Daniel. He is a huge inspiration, so it was an honour to write and record for him and then arrange our duet. Hopefully, there will be more collaborations in the future. Believe in ourselves is one of the steps we must take in order to find ourselves. Doubt is also a part of this amazing tug of spiritual warfare. Revelations of who we are and where we come from has always been a part of my curiosity to the point of self-destruction that eventually leads to a deeper awareness beyond labels, including the concept of self itself. It’s like a shadow that is always following but ultimately not real. The rabbit hole goes deep. Do you want the red or blue pill? ;) Matrix is a great movie btw.

Ankh-grau-mm Which track on the album is

Ankh-grau-mm your favourite regarding the text?

Musiknote  Digital Mind

Ankh-grau-mm your favourite regarding the music?

Musiknote Freedom Of The Press

Ankh-grau-mm the one you love the most to sing?

Musiknote Price Of Time

Ankh-grau-mm the most difficult one to sing?

Musiknote Digital Mind


Ankh-grau-mm The devil is speaking in  The Deal  and  Devil's Game,  is that your voice, too? :-) Could you please tell our readers a little bit about this game of the devil?

Musiknote Yes, that is the inner voice of whatever demons possess us to live out the “Devil’s Will” creating a game of extremes and chaos. Darkness will turn people mad if they have not also found the light. A sane person knows that both sides are a part of life so a gentle back and forth is ok, but an insane person will fall more to one side, hence instability is a reality. Society has lots of it.

Ankh-grau-mm Which feelings and special memories do you connect with  Freedom Of Speech  and what do you absolutely want to tell us about the album yet?

Musiknote This album has been a special one to create and I have been recording many songs over the years, not only covers for my Youtube channel but also session vocals for many other bands. The difference has been the attention to detail while still being playful and a learning experience. The duet was a big highlight, to hear Daniel singing what we had created… unreal in a way. Thomen's power drums another highlight, I love them, real drums, I used to play as a teenager. Peter's visionary guidance was awesome to witness as well. There is much more to say about the album and everyone involved in the process but we’re not writing a book here, haha.

Musiknote This album has a good blend of perfectionism and innocence to keep thing fresh yet familiar. I’m very proud of what we have done but at the same time it feels like a warm-up… we are ready to step it up and propel things forward! People are hearing this powerful album for the first time… I already wanna hear the 2nd one… It’s like an en-captivating series that always leaves you wanting more… let’s go!! Thank you!



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