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No news in the classical meaning of the word - we don't want and we can't do that. More than enough other places cover that part more than excellent. We'll post news from the Rock & Metal Scene that the Sarkophag Rocks Team find relevant, interesting and worth mentioning.



30.07.12 - 19.08.12:
- Holiday -


Lordi – Keyboardist Awa announced to leave the band. Her last show with Lordi  will be at Simerock in Rovaniemi/Finland on August 11, 2012, where the band will be celebrating their 10 year anniversary. Statements from Awa and Mr. Lordi are published at the official homepage.

Norther – soon they will go separate ways. The whys and wherefores they explain at their band-homepage. Last gig> Brutal Assault Festival 10.08.12.

Two very well done new video clips:
Eclipse – Bleed And Scream
Tarja Turunen – Into The Sun


Xandria - bass player Nils Middelhauve has left the band. A statement about his exit is to find in the Xandria Facebook-account.

Beyond The Bridge – made me laugh with their newest clip. What a great idea to make advertising for a webshop in that way. Take a look at> The Beyond The Bridge Webshop Experience

– have confirmed a new soundtrack project, this time for the movie “Soldiers”, starring Jean-Claude Van Damme.

The world lost another great musician. Jon Lord, keyboarder and co-founder from Deep Purple, passed away on July 16th, 2012. He was 71 years old. R.I.P. Jon!


Jorn – guitarist Tore Moren and bass player Nic Angileri have left the band. You can read a statement at the official Jorn-homepage.

Queensryche – more and more details about the reasons for the split with Geoff Tate become known. My gosh, all I can do is shake my head...

MFVF X - another change> Krypteria  has cancelled and Amberian Dawn  will replace them. But the reason for the cancelling from Krypteria  is a joyful one – read the statement at the MFVF Facebook-account.

Sybilla – the band from Italy rocks real good and their video clip for the song  Let Me Go To Hell  is hellish cool!


Korpiklaani – will release their new album  Manala  on August 3, 2012. In advance there is one song in two versions to listen to/to watch in two videos – in Finnish the track is named Rauta, in English its title is The Steel.

Slipknot – are on tour, but at the moment without their guitarist Jim Root. He needs a break because of a ruptured appendix and an emergency surgery. Get well soon Jim!

MFVF X – after the cancellation from Nemesea,  now Crysalys  from Italy complement the line-up on Saturday.


KISS – give a foretaste of their upcoming album Monster  with the single Hell Or Hallelujah. HERE you can listen to a short preview of the song and you can buy it there.

Geoff Tate – the ex-Queensryche  singer starts his solo-career. He signed a worldwide recording contract with the label Inside Out Music.

Manowar - their concert at Dortmunder Music Week on July 9th, 2012 has to move, from Signal Iduna Park to Westfalenhalle 3A.

Loverboy – will release their new CD Rock´N´Roll Revival  on August 14th, 2012.

Theory Of A Deadman – published a video for the song  Hurricane. It shows how high someone can fligh because of a fast success, and how deep a fall could be. A good warning for the newcomer in the show biz?


Kamelot – announced the name of their new vocalist. It´s Tommy Karevik from Sweden.

Stratovarius – introduced their new drummer. His name is Rolf Pilve, 24 years old, from Finland.

Queensryche – now it is official. Geoff Tate has left the band. He will be replaced by Todd La Torre/Crimson Glory.

Arjen Lucassen – published a marvelous crazy video for the song Pink Beetles In A Purple Zeppelin.


Scorpions – will continue for a while yet. They decided to stay together and to keep going as a band, but they will lower the tour-schedule really a lot in the future.

HolyHell – had to postpone the release of their new album  Darkness Visible  from June to autumn 2012. The why and wherefore you can read on the band´s homepage. As “consolation” they will publish a digital EP named  Darkness Visible – The Warning  on June 26th.

Jorn – released the second video to the new CD  Bring Heavy Rock To The Land  this time for the song  Live And Let Fly. The clip is damn cool work!!!

Out Loud Festival – F.H. Events from Luxembourg gives a newcomer band the chance to be the opener of this festival. If you don´t have a record deal but you play rock music with passion, heart and soul> you should send an application. All infos about this special chance you will find HERE.


Much work, less time – in the news I´ve read last week I found two videoclips, which are very interesting and well done, here they are>

Crystal Viper - in their clip for Witch’s Mark  they are on the way in medieval times.

Sebastian Bach - takes it a bit more easy in the video for I´m Alive

And one band could fascinate me totally> DieVanity from Italy. Listen here to this band – devilish good voice, great music!


Candlemass - has parted ways with their singer Robert Lowe. For the upcoming shows, Robert will be replaced with Mats Levén. You can read a statement at the bands homepage.

Queensryche – the four instrumentalists of the band have started a new project. It´s named Rising West and the singer of this formation is Todd La Torre from Crimson Glory.

Crescent Shield singer Michael Grant passed away on May 31, 2012. He was 39 years old. R.I.P. Michael!


Angra - singer Edu Falaschi has left the band.

Kamelot - return to the label SPV / Steamhammer. The name of the new singer will be announced at the end of June, the upcoming CD will be released in September.

Nils Wandrey - covered Stay  from Shakespear’s Sister  and he´s done it damn good. The video is a special one, for me an interesting one... and no – there aren´t quintuplets at work ;-)

Mark “BamBam” McConnell - ex-drummer for Sebastian Bach - died on May 24th, 2012. R.I.P. Mark!


Jorn - spoil us with a great video clip for the song  Bring Heavy Rock To The Land.

Black Sabbath - Bill Ward has officially confirmed now, that he will not be taking part in the band's reunion.

HolyHell - will release their new album Darkness Visible  digitally via iTunes and in the band´s online store on June, 16th, 2012. A physical CD shall follow a little bit later, too.

Unfortunately there was a lot of sad news this week. And all this musicians had a place in my life...

Donna Summer passed away on May 17th, 2012, at the age of 63. Peter Jones, ex-drummer of Crowded House, died on May 18th, 2012, aged 45. Robin Gibb´s voice felt silence forever on May, 20th, 2012, aged 62.

R.I.P. Donna, Peter and Robin!


Manowar - published the title, release date and more details about their upcoming album. You can find all HERE!

Million $ Reload - watch the video for A Sinner's Saint. Damn cool and the voice is soooo wicked ;-)

Stone Sour - are working in the recording studio, but now without bass player Shawn Economaki, who leaved the band.

Trond “Trondr Nefas” Bråthen – singer and guitarist at Urgehal - died on May 13th, 2012, aged 34. R.I.P. Trond!


DevilDriver - due to a pneumonia that singer Dez Fafara has been diagnosed with, the band had to cancel their concert dates in Australia.

Adam “MCA” Yauch from Beastie Boys passed away on May 4th, 2012, at the age of 47. R.I.P. Adam!


Lordi - found a new drummer, but his monster-name, his “stage-character” as well as his outfit are not fixed yet. At the moment he is simply named “the drummer”.

Rock The Nation 2012 - with Bad Company and many more was completely canceled, for logistic reasons. But the plannings already are running for 2013. Source> Wizard Promotions

Epica - meets X-Files in their new video clip for Storm The Sorrow.


Rhapsody - introduced their new drummer Alex Landenburg. A statement you can find at the official homepage.

Threat Signal - need a new drummer because Alex Rüdinger leaved the band.

Delain - published a video for the single Get The Devil Out Of Me. Great song, amazing video!!!


Green Day - announced the titles and release dates from three new CDs: ¡Uno! (21.09.12), ¡Dos! (09.11.12) and ¡Tré! (11.01.13).

Iced Earth - bass player Freddie Vidales leaved the band.

(Translation by Marion Ney)


Sabaton - was fast and the band line up is almost complete again. The three new musicians was introduced at the official band page - in written words and in a video.

Ektomorf - their acoustic-concert in Cham/Germany on 21.04.12 will take place as planned and is NOT cancelled. Here you can watch a video-statement from Zoli.

Xandria - bass player Nils Middelhauve harmed his finger and it ended up in a blood poisoning. Fabio d’Amore (Serenity) will play the bass at the following concerts of the tour with Epica. Get well soon Nils!

The "Father of Loud" Jim Marshall - inventor of the legendary Marshall amplifier - has passed away on April 5th, 2012, at the age of 88. R.I.P. Jim!

(Translation by Marion Ney)


Sonisphere Knebworth - will not take place in 2012. Read the statement about the cancellation at the festival homepage.

Sabaton - four members all at once leaved the band. Just two are left... namely singer Joakim Brodén and bass player Pär Sundström, who want to continue with new musicians. You can find a statement at the official band homepage.

Manowar - published some infos about the new album, with an audio sample – too much text for our NewsFlash. Here I “prepared” the infos for you :-)

(Translation by Marion Ney)


Epica - after more than ten years bassist and founder member Yves Huts call it quits. Now, Rob van der Loo is the new man at bass. Statements of Epica, Yves and Rob can be found at the official band page.

Manowar - announced one gig for Germany: they're gonna play at the Dortmunder Music Week on July 9th, 2012, and will be supported by HolyHell.

Nickelback - will play five gigs in Germany in September. 'Til then they're keeping you busy with their new video for Lullaby.


11.03.12 + 18.03.12:
No NewsFlash for these dates - unfortunately I wasn't able to catch any news due to illness, later followed by a stressy time with catching up on everything concerning Sarkophag Rocks.


Die Ärzte - published their EP zeiDverschwÄndung  ("waste of time") on March 2nd, 2012. There's also a video for that song. I had a ripping good time watching the clip and listening to the lyrics - great!!!

Eden´s Curse - introduced their new singer Marco Sandron with the video for Time To Breathe.

Davy Jones, singer of the well known 60ies band The Monkees, died on February 29th, 2012, aged 66.

On March 3rd, 2012, guitarist Ronnie Montrose died at the age of 64.

R.I.P. Davy and Ronnie!!!


Theory Of A Deadman - had to cancel tour dates in Germany and some other European countries. Dates will be rescheduled asap. Click here to read the bands statement at Facebook.

Tyketto - after a long hiatus they're are going to publish a new CD in April. The first single Faithless  can already be heard on Frontiers Records Webradio.

Jack Blades - publishes his solo album Rock´N´Roll Ride on March 23rd, 2012. Click here to see the video for Back In The Game.


Black Sabbath - will perform only one show which takes place at UK's Download Festival. Due to Tony Iommi's illness, all other scheduled dates will be performed by Ozzy & Friends. Detailed information can be found at the Black Sabbath website.

Leaves´ Eyes - are complete again. They introduced Felix Born as the new drummer.

Delain - since guitarist Timo Somers is also involved in other aspects of the music business, he will be replaced by Doro guitarist Bas Maas at all upcoming concerts.

Lordi - drummer “Otus” Tonmi Lillman has passed away on February 14th, 2012, at the age of 38. R.I.P. Tonmi!


It was a week with cold temperatures and, for us, just a few hot news>

Killswitch Engage - announced the new man at the mike. A guy who has already done that job before> Jesse Leach is back. Click here to read the band's statement.

Arjen Lucassen - revealed the name of a very special person who can be heard on his solo album. You should know him from movies like e.g. Blade Runner, Ladyhawk or The Rite. See this video to find out more.

Some videos can get me very excited - here's another one of that kind: the band rocks in great atmosphere but without the typical falderal> Unisonic with the song of the same name - check this.

With many of her songs and her beautiful voice she was part of my life, too - Whitney Houston died on February 11th, 2012, aged 48. R.I.P. Whitney!


Guns N´ Roses - have announced one gig in Germany. They're going to rock the stage at the Warsteiner Hockeypark in Mönchengladbach on June 6th, 2012.

Shinedown - give us a brief preview of all songs on their new CD Amaryllis. Please click here to listen to the tracks. Sounds promising, doesn't it?

Black Sabbath - seesaw changes. Bill Ward published a statement on his homepage and the other guys respond e.g. on their Facebook account. What will be the next news on this reunion?


Bleeding Red - with the promo clip for Frequencies Bleeding Red gives us a small foretaste of their album Evolution´s Crown  which is going to be released on March 23rd, 2012.

King Diamond - is well again and returns to the stage, headlining the Rock Stage at Sweden Rock Festival on June 9th, 2012, and the Main Stage 2 at Hellfest on June 15th, 2012, in France. Click here to watch his video message.

Riot - guitarist Mark Reale died on January 25th, 2012, aged 56. R.I.P. Mark!!!


Anvil - change at bass: after almost 16 years Glenn Five call it quits and has been replaced by Sal Italiano.

Furyon - for me these are the best news of the week, 'cause they've signed to Frontiers Records. Their formerly self-distributed album Gravitas will be published worldwide through Frontiers Records on March 23rd, 2012, with an extended tracklist.

Kissin´ Dynamite - just released the title track of the upcoming album Money, Sex & Power  (out on 23.03.2012). The video can be found here.

Drummer Robbie France (ex-Skunk Anansie, ex-UFO, ex-Diamond Heat) died on January 14th, 2012, aged 52. R.I.P. Robbie!


Xandria - are supporting Epica at three gigs in Germany. They're going to rock the stages in Karlsruhe, Andernach and Hamburg.

Gotthard - completed their first TV appearance in Switzerland, together with their new singer Nic Maeder. You can watch the video here at Swiss Television.

Julian Sas - publishes his new CD Bound To Roll  on January 27th. Since I really like that kind of music here's a little tip: you can listen to the single Life On The Line  at his official web.

Sad news about Tony Iommi: he has been diagnosed with cancer. Read his statement here. Get well soon, Tony!!!


The SR-NewsFlash has been set up again. In October the news site crashed, I wasn't be able to find any mistake and haven't had the time to rewrite the whole news part. Then it was X-Mas so I decided to pass that one last week of the year. Now our NewsFlash is back again>

Shinedown - release their next album Amaryllis on March, 23rd. Before the release they rock four German stages in early February: Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, Cologne. Check out the dates at the bands homepage and listen to the new song Bully.

Great news from two other bands, and I'm really looking forward to their new works:

KISS are almost finished with Monster.

Sabaton are working on the recordings for Carolus Rex  and let us see what's going on with videos from their studio sessions.

Killswitch Engage - singer Howard Jones has left the band. Read his statement at the bands homepage.

Very sad news: Nicole Bogner, former singer of Visions Of Atlantis, died on January 6th, 2012, aged 27 after a long severe disease. R.I.P. Nicole!


Translations by Susanne Blum



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