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No news in the classical meaning of the word - we don't want and we can't do that. More than enough other places cover that part more than excellent. We'll post news from the Rock & Metal Scene that the Sarkophag Rocks Team find relevant, interesting and worth mentioning.



Jesus - I really hate to write stuff like this:

Eden´s Curse> at his Facebook account, founder and singer Michael Eden announced leaving the band..

Power Quest> another one pulls the pin - Chitral "Chity" Somapala, the man at the microphone, leaves the band. A statement can be found at the PQ website.

A video that really fits - a great band, a great song, a well done video: check Almah´s Late Night In ´85

Another one, this time to cheer you up a bit - a top-notch voice -, the band is called Morton, the track Sleeping King and this is the video.

This has nothing to do with music, but I admired that man's ideas: Apple's co-founder Steve Jobs died on October 5th, 2011, aged 56. R.I.P. Steve!

Poisonblack> filmed and published a video for Scars - which I already added to my "Yeah, I really like it!" collection.

Edguy> due to a virus infection that Tobias Sammet has been diagnosed with, Edguy had to cancel three gigs. The postponed dates have been rescheduled and can now be found at the bands homepage.

KISS> Gene and Shannon have finally exchanged vows after 28 years of relationship - and filmed the whole ceremony for "Family Jewels"...

Wacken Open Air> the line-up for 2012 grows and grows and grows...

Nickelback> are publishing two new singles. Both songs, Bottoms Up and When We Stand Together, can be heard at the official bandpage.

HolyHell> introducing John Macaluso as the new drummer.

R.E.M.> decided to disband after 31 years.

David Coverdale/Whitesnake> celebrated his 60th birthday on 22.09... and continues to rock...

Stratovarius> after 15 years, drummer Jörg Michael will leave the band. He'll play all the remaining gigs until the end of January 2012. Please read the band's statement at their website.

SINNER/Voodoo Circle> Mat broke his rib and received heavy bruises, so they had to postpone the tour to December. A new set of dates can be found in the bands "On Tour" section.

Axel Rudi Pell> the new album The Ballads IV  hit the streets on September 23rd. The song Hallelujah have been released in advance, including a great video. It will give you the creeps!!!

Nickelback> announced name and release date for their upcoming CD. The CD is titled Here And Now and will be out on October 21st, 2011, in the USA - a few days later (or earlier) followed by a release in Germany... and I'm really looking forward to it!

Mr. Big and Whitesnake> added more concerts for Germany. Check their "On Tour" sections!!!

Keep It True XV> after the announcement of Psychotic Waltz as headliner No. 1 they now announced headliner No. 2 - Arch/Matheos.

MFVF IX> now we know what band plays at what time - the running order is up!

As I already mentioned that band above, here's one of my "very special video clips". A great song with awesome lyrics - funny and interesting, and you'll find some familiar faces in it> Nickelback - Rockstar

Firewind> will tour Europe in September. Unfortunately singer Apollo Papathanasio has been forced to miss it due to family issues. Mats Levén will replace him.

Gene Simmons> has proposed to his girlfriend of 28 years, Shannon Tweed. Well, actually pretty romantic, but in front of cameras and recorded for broadcasting purposes... is that really romantic? The "Yes, I will"-date should take place on 01.10.2011.

Hurricane Irene> hit America and brought plenty of destruction. Two prominent victims whose homes are affected> Sebastian Bach and Doro Pesch.

Johnny Giosa aka Johnny G, Ex-Drummer of the BulletBoys, died in a car crash on August 28th, 2011, at the age of 42. R.I.P. Johnny!

Wacken Open Air> the lineup for 2012 is getting longer and longer and longer...

MFVF IX> Theatres des Vampires have cancelled their performance; Coma Divine will rock the stage instead.

Summers End Open Air> as already mentioned, the Summers End Festival had to move to the JuZ Live Club due to a heavy storm. Everything worked like a charm, thumbs up for the host and all helpers. We were there, so please check back to read our upcoming reports.

KISS> already revealed the name of their next album, coming in 2012: Monster. Sounds promising!

013 - Tilburg> the manager of this location, Guus van Hove, died tragically at the early age of 44 while on vacation in America. R.I.P. Guus!

He was no musician but he made me laugh a lot: Vicco von Bülow aka Loriot died on August 22nd, 2011. So many of his skits are cult nowadays - I will miss his great sense of humor. R.I.P. Loriot!

Forbidden> were about to tour Europe with Demonica and Communic but due to family obligations, drummer Mark Hernandes, who plays for Forbidden and Demonica, was forced to call it quits. Unfortunately there was no time to find a replacement, so they had to cancel the entire tour. Statements can be found at the bands' homepages.

Kimball/Jamison> started a new project with well-known involved parties. Bobby Kimball (Toto) partnered with Jimi Jamison (Survivor) - their first album will be out on October 14th, 2011, through Frontiers Records. Both guys singing together - they can only succeed in doing so!

Lenny Kravitz> publishes a very special video for his song  Stand: it's pretty darn witty and strange - I like it!

Visions Of Atlantis> announced a new EP titled Maria Magdalena that should be out on 21.10.11. More Austrian news: guitarist Chris Hermsdörfer is a full member of the band now.

Pukkelpop> the festival in Hasselt, Belgium, was hit by a severe storm on Thursday. The very sad result: five people were killed, many injured. The festival was canceled completely. Our thoughts and condolences go to the families and friends of the deceased; and we hope for a speedy recovery for the injured.

Wacken Open Air> the W:O:A 2012 X-Mas package, limited to 10.000 tickets, was sold out on 08.08.11 in a record time of only 45 minutes. Right after that, the regular advance sale for the 23rd W:O:A began @ MetalTix. The first bands have been announced already, just click the link above and get surprised...

Sinner> wooow - Back On Trail , a cool song, a cool video - exactly what I want!!!

Two tours have been announced which are pretty interesting for us> Motörhead and Staind will rock German stages in November.

Again, a singer gone much too early - former Warrant singer Jani Lane died on August 11th, 2011, aged 47. R.I.P. Jani!

Some weeks of SR-Newsflash are missing 'cause my old PC won't let me open and update this site, but now all continues just as usual.

Wacken Open Air> W:O:A 2011 took place in some fairly pleasant weather conditions. All who couldn't be there could watch the broadcasting at ZDF.Kultur. There will be more the next days at 7pm!

Edguy> bring a smile to my face with their new video for Robin Hood

MaYaN> achieve the exact opposite with their video for War On Terror - I shiver with disgust.

Unfortunately, some bad news again: the former Threshold singer Andrew “Mac” McDermott died on August 3rd, aged 45. R.I.P. Andrew!

Wacken Open Air> more bands have been added to the list: Girlschool, Mortal Strike, Pneuma, Powerstroke and Sacramental.

MFVF IX> put another short video online: Doro says "thank you" for the Metal Female Voices Award 2009.

Ozzy Osbourne> caught a laryngitis and had to cancel his gig at the Graspop Metal Meeting in Dessel/Belgium.

Night Ranger> I'm still pissed because of the bonus tracks you can buy as digital download only, but at least I know how their version of Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap sounds like. Curious, too? Check out the AOL Live-Videoclip

Wacken Open Air> added eight bands to the roster: Blechblos´n, Exquisite Pus, Ghost, Mambo Kurt, Skyline, The Murder Of My Sweet, Voltax and the W:O:A Firefighters. The temporary running order 2011 has been updated and an area map is now online, too.

MFVF IX> tells us which band plays on which day.

Line up changes - is it just me, or are a lot of bands doing that this year?
Before The Dawn> bassplayer Lars Eikind, who is also responsible for the clean vocals, and drummer Atte Palokangas will no longer be members of the band. A statement is up at the band's homepage.

Announcements of albums I'm really looking forward to - all will be published through Frontiers Records:
Sebastian Bach> his new CD Kicking & Screaming will hit the streets on September 23rd, 2011.
Primal Fear> are in the studio and the result should be out at the beginning of next year.
Tyketto> signed to Frontier Records. A new CD was announced for Spring 2012.

Tanzwut> surprised with another release date. Just in time for the premiere of their acoustic medieval show at the Kaltenberger Knight's Tournament 2011 they publish Morus Et Diabolus  (July 8th, 2011). It is the first Tanzwut album that contains only medieval music.

“The Big Man” Clarence Clemons, saxophonist for Bruce Springsteens E Street Band, died on June 18th, 2011, aged 69. R.I.P. Clarence!

Wacken Open Air> a temporary running order for 2011 is now online, subject to alterations.

Doro> the album Warrior Soul  (published a way back in 2006) will be re-released on vinyl as a picture LP and limited to 666 copies. It hits the street on June 24th, 2011, through AFM Records.

Dream Theater> info on their new album A Dramatic Turn Of Events  is now up, head over to their band page and check it out.

Biohazard> bassist Evan Seinfeld call it quits. He will be replaced by Scott Roberts for all upcoming events.

Seth Putnam, singer of Anal Cunt, died on June 11th, 2011, aged 43. R.I.P. Seth!

MFVF IX> presented some merchandise and the official video trailer. I tried to watch that clip but got the typical YouTube message "This video is not available in your country". It really sucks to get this message again and again - it's not nice to be left out.

Yes> it took some time but now they publish a new CD, which is called Fly From Here  and will be out on July 1st, 2011, through Frontiers Records

MFVF IX> completed their line up with Dylath-Leen and Theatres Des Vampires.

Alice Cooper> for the first time in 30 years, Alice has been forced to cancel a gig due to illness. A very special record!

More and more of my "old" faves come up with new CDs. This time it's John Wetton with his sixth solo album Raised in Captivity  and Airrace with their comeback Back To The Start. Both CDs will hit the streets on July 1st, 2011, through Frontiers Records.

Two bassists said goodbye forever: Hans Hauptmann (ex-Cacumen) died on May 22nd, 2011. Twan Fleuren (ex-Legion Of The Damned) commited suicide. R.I.P. Hans and Twan!

The movie Grease was cult when I was young - R.I.P. “Kenickie” Jeff Conaway!

Wacken Open Air> two more bands have been added: Betontod and Edelweiss are now on the list, too.

Night Ranger> the band celebrates its 30th anniversary with the release of their new CD Somewhere In California  (June 17th, 2011, via Frontiers Records). Get a foretaste by watching the video for the song Growin´ Up In California. Congratulations on this anniversary - many bands tried but mostly failed!

KISS> they never run out of good ideas... I will say no more, just read for yourself>> The KISS Kruise

MFVF IX> the first promotional video message featuring Doro and her guys is up at the MFVF homepage.

Elis> singer Sandra Schleret call it quits and leaves the band. Her statement can be found on the bands website.

Legion Of The Damned> is now complete again with Twan van Geel as new guitarist.

Wacken Open Air> Jim Breuer has been added to the lineup, as well as the shuttle bus schedules to the Wacken website.

Def Leppard> I'm always happy when one of my "old" Rock faves announces a new album: the first live album Mirror Ball  is coming up as a double CD and contains the old hits played live, plus three new studio songs, plus a 50 minutes long bonus DVD. I marked the release date (June 17th, 2011) with a red cross :-)

Pro-Pain> on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the band they are currently touring through Europe, playing more than the common songs - the band will perform all songs of their debut album Foul Taste Of Freedom. So every single gig is a musical delight. Unfortunately they are touring without guitarist Tom Klimchuck who left the band for health reasons. He has been replaced by Adam Phillips (Indorphine).

Dream Theater> are now complete again - they introduced Mike Mangini as new drummer.

Judas Priest> guitarist Richie Faulkner replaces K.K. Downing on the bands forthcoming tour.

Legion Of The Damned> one dropped out, only three damned left... guitarist Richard Ebisch call it quits. A statement can be found at the official band page.

The dying never ends... TNT keyboarder Dag Stokke died at age 44 on April 27th, 2011. A very emotional great goodbye can be read at the official TNT page. R.I.P. Dag!

Wacken Open Air> announced: Danko Jones

Keep It True> there are fake tickets in circulation. Information on this can be found at the festival homepage, as well as the 'running order' for all planned signing sessions.

MFVF IX> two more bands have been added to the line-up: Battlelore and Xandria

At Vance> every donation counts after the horrible tragedy in Japan and the band helps with releasing a charity track. Tokyo is available as digital track for 0,99€, so every single download helps.

A lot of surprising news about musicians who left their bands came up last week:

Kamelot> Singer Roy Khan said goodbye
Judas Priest> Guitarist K.K. Downing has left the band
Stone Sour> Bassist Shawn Economaki call it quits while the band was still on tour
Nevermore> two jobs are available now after drummer Van Williams and guitarist Jeff Loomis have left the band

Statements can be found at the bands websites. Hopefully all bands find a worthy successor and all who left will continue with new projects soon.

And there's one who left forever: Matt La Porte - guitarist at Jon Oliva´s Pain - died on April 20th, 2011 aged 40. R.I.P. Matt!

Wacken Open Air> DevilDriver canceled their gig. To read why, check the W:O:A homepage.

Summers End Open Air> new to the line-up: Kreator.

Slayer> made our Dutch team member happy, 'cause more gig dates have appeared for the Netherlands.

KISS> are back in the studio again and talking about it in video clips which can be found on their homepage.

Christmas Metal Festival> 2011 in Lichtenfels and Geiselwind for two days - and the first bands that have been announced are créme de la créme...

Kreator> on their homepage, they help Mensinger with his search for stolen guitars. Everywhere are thieves, even at the Frankfurt Music Exhibition...

Wacken Open Air> last week's addition: Dir En Grey and Lacrimas Profundere.

Tanzwut> no one expected to read about an album title and release date that soon. I like that. Weiße Nächte  will hit the streets on September 16th, 2011.

Journey> the first single off of the album Eclipse (release date: 27.05.11) is City Of Hope which definitely increases the anticipation...

Whitesnake> are going to fulfill their fans greatest wish with publishing Live at Donington 1990 on DVD / double CD. The legendary gig will be out on June 3rd, 2011 (European release date) through Frontier Records.

Sad news again, it seems the dying never ends:
Former Manowar drummer Scott Columbus died on April 4th, 2011 aged 54. His "Drums Of Doom" became silent forever. A statement can be found on the official Manowar homepage. R.I.P. Scott!

Due to technical difficulties just a short NewsFlash this time>

Wacken Open Air> fresh blood: Moonsorrow

Keep It True> one out again: Ostrogoth had to cancel their gig. The statement can be found at the KiT homepage, as well as the new running order.

Wacken Open Air> one in: Reliquiae

Keep It True> one out: Vektor / one in: Alpha Tiger. Why? Just read the statement at the KiT homepage and check the running order!

Enforcer> one out: guitarist Adam Zaars leaves the band. All gigs are going ahead as planned. Enforcer will continue as a four piece band where singer Olof will play guitar, too. A statement about Adam's leaving can be found here.

Exhorder´s bassist Frankie Sparcello died on March 22nd, 2011 aged 40. R.I.P. Frankie!

Wacken Open Air> last week's additions: Ignis Fatuu and Skeletonwitch

Black´N´Blue> their last CD has been published a long time ago. But now it's time for new stuff: the album Hell Yeah (Frontiers Records) will be out on May 13th, 2011 and the first clips sound great!!!

Iced Earth> were pretty fast 'cause they've already found a new singer: Stu Block (Into Eternity). They also announced the world tour dates - Germany and the Netherlands are on the list, too. A statement on the new man at the mic and the tour dates can be found at the bands homepage.

Wacken Open Air> four more bands have been announced for 2011: Deadlock, Kvelertak, Rabenschrey and Skindred.

I'm smiling while looking at the new entries in the German Top 100. Wanna know why?> At No. 1: In Extremo - Sterneneisen  / No. 18: Die Apokalyptischen Reiter - Moral & Wahnsinn / No. 35: Itchy Poopzkid - Lights Out London / No. 64: Voodoo Circle - Broken Heart Syndrome / No. 84: SHAKRA - Back On Track .

Mike Starr, bassist and ex-member of Alice In Chains, died on March 08, 2011 aged 44. R.I.P. Mike!

Wacken Open Air> announced three more names: Kyuss Lives!, Onkel Tom and Slime.

DragonForce> has announced that they have finally found a new vocalist - they introduced Marc Hudson as new singer.

Iced Earth> now has to search for one. Matt Barlow will leave the band by the end of this year. Why and for which reason: please read the bands statement on their official website.

Sodom> see last week's news flash - you can now watch the TV-ad on the Deutsche Alzheimer Gesellschaft homepage.

Lots of good news from my "old" heroes:

Warrant> sign to Frontiers Records and record a new album called Rockaholic which should be out in May.

Journey> are going to publish their CD Eclipse which is expected by the end of May.

Cinderella> rock through Europe in June. First dates are out, also one in Germany: 18.06.11 - RWE Halle - Mülheim an der Ruhr

Another example off of my private category "notable video clips": Evans Blue let fans film parts for the video for Say It . Then snippets have been chosen, cut... and the result looks great.

Wacken Open Air> seesaw changes: Ensiferum has been added to the line-up, Exodus has been removed. Due to schedule difficulties they won't be able to play. A statement from guitarist Gary Holt can be found here at the W:O:A homepage.

Keep It True> difficulties forced Agent Steel to cancel their gig. Some band members will still perform but under a different moniker. All info and a message from guitarist Juan Garcia can be found here at the Keep It True website.

Within Temptation> the team grows - drummer Mike Coolen is now officially a WT member.

Sodom> on stage with Roberto Blanco (one of Germany's Schlager singers) to sing Ein bisschen Spaß muss sein? Yes, that's really possible - if for a good cause: a commercial for the Deutsche Alzheimer Gesellschaft (German Alzheimer Association). The clip has been filmed at the gig in Ludwigshafen, pictures and a report can be found at Sodom's homepage. We soon have to watch commercials...

I like "special" video clips - but what do I mean with "special"? This one for example: Eden´s Curse (with James LaBrie) - No Holy Man. Awesome song and my highlight of the week ;-)

Wacken Open Air> the line up grows, grows, grows. These bands are last week's addition:: Helloween, Maiden United, Pussy Sisster, Severenth and Van Canto.

Mr. Big> rock Europe in May/June. The tour contains five gigs in Germany, the Netherlands have been mentioned too.

Slayer> since he still needs some rest after surgery, guitarist Jeff Hannemann will be replaced by Gary Holt of Exodus during the tour through Australia which starts at the end of February.

Anthrax, Megadeth, Metallica and Slayer> The Big Four are coming to town. Please note: July 2nd, 2011 - Veltins-Arena, Gelsenkirchen.

Wacken Open Air> Kataklysm and Negator has been added to the list. Oh and W:O:A is officially sold out the sixth time in a row. Fantastic job!!!

Summers End Open Air>
according to the festival website Arch Enemy had to cancel their gig due to time constraints.

Last Sunday sad news has travelled around the world: Legendary Gary Moore will never play his guitar again. On February 6th he died aged 58. How lucky I was to see him live some time ago. R.I.P. Gary!

Wacken Open Air> announced four additional bands: Bullet, Crashdiet, Hämatom, Shining

Gotthard> after the death of singer Steve Lee Gotthard's future was unwritten, but now there are good news: Gotthard will continue and have already started looking for a new singer.

Helloween> five gigs had to be cancelled after singer Andi was diagnosed with a vocal cord infection. Three replacement gigs have already been announced, check the bands homepage for more info.

Doro> new "In Rock - World Tour 2011" dates are up for Germany. They will rock our stages in December. And, much to the delight of the SR-ladies, they're going to hit one in Saarbrücken too!

Journey und Foreigner> play some shows in June at the "Rock The Nation" festivals in Germany, a few of them with Kansas and Night Ranger as special guests. So many of my "old" heroes, all at the same time - and if things work out for me I, of course, would love to see the package of four...

January's last week was very quiet...

Wacken Open Air> announced more bands. The bands are: Aberlour´s, Eläkeläiset, Horch, Suidakra, Torture Squad, Venomin James and Victims Of Madness.

Keep It True> actually, the lineup was already complete, but the makers were able to top it by adding Sledge Leather Project to the list.

Kiss> my favorite makeup monsters will enter the studio again in March to release new songs / a new CD by the end of 2011 (estimated). Go, go, go!

Manowar> added more shows to their tour - Germany is still missing.

Nordic coolness > Dark Decadence Tour 2011: Hardcore Superstar, The 69 Eyes and Crashdiet will rock some stages of Europe in March/April. All dates can be found here.

We got some sad news from the Netherlands > Jan Somers, guitarist of Vengeance, passed away on January, 28th, at the age of 46. An official statement can be found on the bands homepage. R.I.P. Jan!

He's no musician, but I really appreciate his work so I want to seize the opportunity to say goodbye and R.I.P. to Bernd Eichinger!

The 3rd week - not so much happened this week...

Great news from Behemoth> Nergal has left the hospital. A short message from him can be found at the bands homepage.

Arch Enemy> divulged title and cover of their next album - Khaos Legions -

Sons Of Seasons> also revealed some details about their second CD: Magnisphyricon will be released on April 1st. The cover can be found at their bandpage.

Epica> will go on tour in January/February, but without their keyboarder Coen Janssen. He'll becoming a father around the same time the tour takes place and don't want to miss the birth of his child. Oliver Palotai will be joining Epica for these shows.

Tankard> singer Gerre will appear in three episodes of Sturm der Liebe* this season. Sorry, where, what? I had to surf around to find out ;) *(a German daily soap)

Mr. Big made me happy> when I was a teenager I rocked my socks off while listening to them. Their new album What If - recorded with the original cast of the year dot - is simply woooooow!

What happened last week, what was interesting for us?

Wacken Open Air> confirmed another five great bands: Battle Beast, Hail Of Bullets, Shraphead, Stormzone and Triosphere...

MFVF 9> added Operatika, Bare Infinity and Triosphere to their lineup.

Within Temptation> put the tracklist of their new album The Unforgiving online.

Leaves´ Eyes> revealed the title of their next CD - Meredead -, the cover artwork and the streetdate: 22.04.2011

Our Sarkophag Manowar specialist Hans was really happy about a gig in the Netherlands. The German SR's couldn't find a local show - more gigs will happen in the US, UK, Greece, Portugal and Switzerland. So we'll pack our bags and off to the Netherlands, Rodahalle/Kerkrade on April 8th.

Both, good and bad news from Stratovarius> Jörg Michael has finally reached the end of his cancer therapy and is back behind his drums. Unfortunately Timo Kotipelto cought some kind of bacterial infection and still has to rest. Head over to their official web to read a message from Jens Johansson.

Let's see what week 3 will bring. Gimme two days more and I'm ready and done with all my stressy stuff, so I can concentrate more on the music and this site again... and add the last of the missing report :)

The new year's first week is over - these news gave us a blast:

Wacken Open Air> another band has been confirmed: DevilDriver will rock the stage of Wacken. And, for the first time ever, a comedian - Bülent Ceylan - has been added to the W:O:A lineup. He will make you laugh during reconstruction... smasher!

Sirenia> the Norwegians finally came up with their new video of The End Of It All , which increases the public's anticipation of the upcoming album The Enigma Of Life on January 21st.

Visions Of Atlantis> divulged tracklist and street date of their next CD Delta.

The New Black> are celebrating the release of their new CD II: Better In Black one day earlier - on January 20th, 2011 - with a free gig in Berlin at the Hard Rock Cafe at Ku'damm. Further information can be found here.

Sadly there were some bad news too: two musicians, who took an active part in the music scene for a long, long time, left the stages forever.

Gerry Rafferty died on January 4th, 2011. Not a Rocker, but awesome and powerful songs like e.g. Baker Street and Get It Right Next Time.

Phil Kennemore, Bassist at Y&T, passed away on January 7th, 2011. He was one of the founders of the band. Read Dave Meniketti's message here.

R.I.P. Gerry and Phil!


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