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Ankh-grau-mm Aziza, at first I would like to say thank you very much for this interview! Here we go:

Ankh-grau-mm You are the singer of the American band  Aria Flame. Could you please introduce the members, describe each of them in two-three words and tell us a bit about the history of the band?

Musiknote Of course! The band came into formation in 2011. I had the idea of creating a concept album or EP, about evolving as a human and about the positive and negative in life. I knew I was going to ask Erik Sales to be on board for this project, then guitarist Paul Stein from my former band,  Dendura, and Greg Cloon as the bassist, so I asked them to come on board and they did. Then, when I wanted to put a live unit together, Paul wasn’t available. So we found Dan Cruzan, and later Alicia Menninga, whom played with  Dendura  in the beginning, then we started to make some music.

Musiknote Well I’ll start with our drummer Erik Sales, peaceful and generous, also a very dynamic drummer. Our bassist Greg Cloon, technical and organized and an innovative bass player. Alicia Menninga, our keyboardist, she is sweet and crafty. She is intuitive in her keyboard playing. Dan Cruzan, the guitarist, is hard working and driven. He is very creative on the guitar.


Ankh-grau-mm You released a few songs via iTunes and you shot a very creative video clip for  Divine World. How was the feedback from the press, the fans, the labels?

Musiknote Really warm and supportive. Most people commented on the video. Videos are nice, because you can just watch it while listening and get a better understanding on what the song maybe about, much like a short film. We had a small budget available, but wanted to show the world what you can do with a little creativity. That alone was wonderful because most people thought we had a lot more money invested into the video than what we did. Justin Lee Dixon, whom was in  Dendura  as the last drummer, directed the video. He had some amazing ideas on the fly that really impressed me with his work. As for our actual recordings go, Grammy Award winning producer Neil Kernon (NevermoreJudas PriestTapping The Vein) mixed and mastered those and they sound amazing to us. We couldn’t be happier with them.

Ankh-grau-mm What's coming up next? Are you working on an EP or an album?

Musiknote We are working on an EP. We’re getting closer to it being complete. And then we have a lot of awesome national shows coming up here in the state with  Riot in Progress  in Detroit in April, my former fellow  Eve’s Apple  member Mary Zimmer of  White Empress  will be headlining the 4th of October 2014. Grace Meridan and Kassandra Novell will both be joining me during  Aria Flame ’s set as guest singers at Sirens of Metal in Detroit, we’ll be doing a few festivals, I’ll be at Metal Female Voices Fest this year selling my fragrance line and hopefully some music, I have a new project in the works called  Scarab’s Empire  which is going to show case some of my middle eastern roots a bit. Not like  Dendura, but you’ll see.


Ankh-grau-mm Who writes the songs for  Aria Flame?

Musiknote I am the main composer but everyone adds their own creativity to the songs. Let it be a guitar solo, a keyboard melody, a drum solo or even a distinct bass riff. Originally, guitarist Paul Stein co-wrote  My MuseLonely Phoenix  and  My Own Little Hell  and I had vocal melodies he based guitar parts on. We had a very different way of writing for this band than we did with  Dendura. In  Dendura, it was more guitar driven and had been written first, then my voice was added later. In  Aria Flame, all the music is based off the voice and keyboard first. The songs  Divine WorldRealm Of Hate  and  World Of Silence  which I arranged and composed, will be on the new album

Ankh-grau-mm How would you describe your music in your own words?

Musiknote All the songs written are based off a concept theme of the rising phoenix. I started writing the music when I was going through a lot of stress, my mind was flooding with lyrics, so I had to write them down. I was evolving as a person. I would say that the music for  Aria Flame  is both positive and negative. It has a gothic circus symphony feel to me.


Ankh-grau-mm In which age did the music catch you and when did you start your career as professional singer?

Musiknote I was told by my mother when I was little, that I sing all the time. But it wasn’t about until I was about 8 or 9 that I noticed I had actual melodies going in my head I felt that needed to get out. I started actually singing later. I started taking voice lessons and taking it more seriously.

Ankh-grau-mm Which bands/musicians/singers would you name as your greatest influences?

Musiknote There are a lot. Warrel Dane from  Sanctuary  and  NevermoreNine Inch NailsDuran Duran, Ozzy Osbourne, Sarah Brightman, Mike Patton, Floor Jansen of  After Forever  and  Nightwish, Simone Simmons of  Epica, Tarja Turunen, Danny Elfman, Maria Callas, Renee Fleming,  Korn, Melissa Ferlaak,  Type O Negative, and I could go on and on.

Ankh-grau-mm If you would have the free choice to select a duet partner, female or male, across all music styles – which singer would you choose?

Musiknote That wish has already been granted, I sang with many former  Eve’s Apple  members at Dame Nation in Chicago, Illinois. If I had to choose another singer to duet with it would have to be Warrel Dane. His voice is just so powerfully controlled and smooth.


Ankh-grau-mm You were a member from  Eve's Apple, a worldwide community of professional female singers, which call it quits in the end of 2013. Could you please tell me: what were the most important experiences and impressions with/via  Eve's Apple  for you?

Musiknote Most definitely! I have to say, this was the most joyous part of my career as a musician. These ladies really introduced me into a new amazing world of strong support and growth taught to another. I was one of the last members to be a part of it, and I feel blessed to have been a part of it. The friendships remain and we still talk, collaborate, and do what we did before and support one another, some even have modelled for my fragrance line as well. There is a lot of love in that community.

Ankh-grau-mm What are your personal Top 3 CDs at the moment?

Musiknote 1. Tarja Turunen -  What Lies Beneath  / 2. KornThe Path Of Totality  / 3. Nevermore Dreaming Neon Black

Ankh-grau-mm The music isn't your only passion. You run a business named Aziza World Fragrances and you are offering very interesting items. Could you please tell us more about it?

Musiknote Absolutely. I hand make perfumes, colognes and perfume oils with eco-friendly ingredients. All natural soy wax candles and Organic Whipped Shea body butter along with my latest invention, Bulgarian Rose Water Hydrosol that acts as a facial toner. All my products are made here in the United States. My products are all eco-friendly, no alcohol nor preservatives, no animal testing, by me! I always loved scents and perfumes. It has become a strong passion and a business that I strive to keep pushing forward. Many former  Eve’s Apple  sisters are also models for my product line such as Karolina Pacan, Vk Lynne, Grace Meridan, Melissa Ferlaak, Kassandra Novell and more in the coming months.


Designs made by Val Helcanen

Ankh-grau-mm What is on your plan for the future - short term and long term?

Musiknote To get this EP out for  Aria Flame, to record an EP also for  Scarab’s Empire, to put on amazing shows and to collaborate with many artists, to make another music video, go to Europe, sell lots of perfume and Shea butter and keep evolving and growing as a person. I also want to grow more as a singer and step out of my boundaries. To see what else I am capable of doing as an artist.

Ankh-grau-mm Is there anything you would like to add to this interview?

Musiknote Definitely, if you like our sound, please help us and support by sharing our online videos, liking us on Facebook, speak to the masses and request us at your local radio station, underground stations, any help would be awesome! Also, if you want to have quality soy candles, perfumes, colognes, Shea body butter, then shop at my store because nothing leaves my shop that isn’t highest of quality. Corporate places mass produce their products, small businesses hand make them with quality. The same goes for music. Great music comes from the heart. Shop underground, shop local. Shop AzizaWorld! Like me on Facebook.

Ankh-grau-mm Thanks for your time. We wish you and the band all the best and much success!

Musiknote Thank you for this interview!



Photos Aziza ©2012 by Jill Kingsbury

Photos Aria Flame ©2013 by Aria Flame





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